Sunday, May 2, 2010

All quiet on the western front...

Things are going...well.

I've been working a lot. Lots of late nights in the lab. Got a megadeadline* coming up in a couple of months, and I think I can make it...if I work my ass off.

Which I have been, and at a rate that I think I can sustain: I'm getting enough sleep and eating well (if repetitively.)**

Plus I've been able to take off and do Fun Things without any guilt at all, since I'm working crazy hours anyway.

It's all been working out quite nicely. Even the news that crucial reagents and data I need are delayed indefinitely have been taken in stride. I'm starting to get suspicious. I'm not supposed to be this well-adjusted. I keep waiting for something to implode.

As well, the lab has summer students coming in that will be working on a project parallel to my own, and I'll be able to use their work to save time on mine. Slight residual guilt about not Doing it Myself, but I think that's probably not reasonable. The only people who are likely to think badly of me are people whose opinions I don't need or care about. And I will continue to be a gracious and conscientious lab citizen. Booyeah.

Now I have to go take care of a few chores so I can spend another week at the lab. Happy Sunday.

* The work sucks (boring and repetitive and just difficult enough to be annoying) and it's not really fun to talk about, but making this deadline will be extremely awesome for me. And it's less likely to encounter delay and failure than most experiments (which is why it's boring), so I can predict how long it will take me to finish.

** I think I maybe keep harping on this sleeping/eating thing, but I know it's going to be important for me to stay healthy long term. What I still need to integrate is some form of exercise, and finding a dentist and stuff in BRUtown.

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